MC-365 is the only nationally known motivational company that offers Turbo Videos. Turbo Videos were created and presented by two Master Life Coaches; Dr. Ed (Dr. Happiness) and Dr. Bob (Dr. Wellness). They are presented once a month and are from 10-15 minutes in length. They teach the power of the message and will enhance your life immediately. You will be given an assignment to work on for the next month, after which you will receive another Turbo Video. You will also be asked to teach the message to one or more people over the next month. If they are not MC members, encourage them to enroll through the MC Website. They will thank you for it.

Dr. Ed and Dr. Bob will be using MC’s “T-2” process. The first “T” is the TOOL and the second “T” is the TECHNIQUE. This process ensures that you get the most out of the messages.

Turbo Videos