“MC-365 are daily messages that are short, meaningful and have made a significance difference in my thinking. I love all of them and look forward to getting my day off to a great start with positive thoughts. The messages are simple yet powerful.”
Kathy D.  -  Retired P.E. teacher


“MC-365 starts my day off perfectly. I can now have my daily message with my cup of coffee. I get my caffeine for my body and caffeine for my soul. My life has been enhanced tremendously. I now have much more control over my weight, stress, challenges and relationships all because of this amazing program. Life is good.”

Elizabeth S.  -   Executive

“As a nurse I understand the connection between emotional wellness and physical wellness. From my experience there has never been a wellness program that brings them together better than MC-365. We now can have access to all this proven evidence every day of the year.”
​​Ann K.  -  Nurse


“Dr. Ed really nailed this. This is truly a wellness and happiness program for everyone. The idea of addressing all six critical wellness areas makes a lot of sense. I also like the idea of being able to share my daily messages with the other special people in my life.”
Charles E.  -   Entrepreneur

Through our coaching, many people have taken back control of their lives, relationships, stress and overcame obstacles. 

Join now and enjoy the benefits of the MC-365 academy that has already made a difference on all levels of happiness and wellness!

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