Why Organizations Love MC-365:

  1. MC-365 provides all the tools and techniques needed for team members to be happier and perform at their highest level.
  2. Its creator bases his comprehensive holistic program on 30 years of research and training thousands of employees.
  3. It is the only motivational program that addresses the 6 critical wellness areas for personal and professional success.
  4. This is the only program that provides monthly Turbo Videos by two nationally recognized Master Life Coaches.
  5. It is designed for use in the development of leaders in all areas of business.
  6. It is used to develop the “ownership spirit” by immediately elevating one’s responsibility and accountability.
  7. It doesn’t just start your engine; it puts it in overdrive 365 days a year by increasing one’s self-confidence, self-esteem and self-initiative.
  8. It’s much more than motivation; it’s learning how to sell your ideas, lead by example and teach with confidence.
  9. It supports and enhances all in-house training and development. 
  10. It is the only motivational program that brings abundance of humor, years of proven results and tons of wisdom.

Internet-January 2015
Unhappiness among workers in America is costing a shocking $300 billion per year in lost productivity, the Gallup-Healthways estimates. The recent Well-Being Index shows that Americans are increasingly unhappy with jobs or their employers. They don’t show up consistently, they produce less and work quality suffers. A 2011 Business Review article stated that the level of happiness has a profound impact on workers creativity productivity, commitment and collegiality.

Internet-January 2015
Happiness and health have been anecdotally linked for quite a while now - ‘laughter is the best medicine’ has become a cliché for a reason- but relatively new research has been backing up what many people have instinctively assumed all along; that happiness and health are connected, and that one’s level of happiness really can impact one’s health.

Happy Workers